From paper to objects

Choosing wood and being aware of its various forms have led the company into a path made up of new discoveries and new challenges. At Contorpress, the moments spent at home and those spent at the factory mingle together: working with great dedication is their main strength and they are able to diversify into new multilayer elements for the furniture market so as to guarantee the flexibility required by this large and various sector. Though the company was born several years ago, they keep on striving for doing something unique, rich and fine. They know the material and how it changes according to climate, temperatures and final function and they can heighten the potential of each wood species during the different phases. Furthermore, they carry out all manufacturing stages internally, studying criticalities and strengths of the final product. It’s like being in love with products, like a father who knows exactly his child’s needs and wishes. Getting to know the material directly through experience helps at any working stage and technology is combined to give rapidity, potential and a new vision.